On March 3, A-Maze Group BV joined the BlueChem community as a tenant. The start-up is an innovative executive search and recruitment agency for all port-related industries with a strong focus on the world of tomorrow and the associated opportunities in the areas of energy transition, climate change and circular economy.

Nancy De Groof and Bart Seliaerts founded A-Maze in February 2021, but combine 35 years of working experience in the port sector. They know the ins and outs of the port, are in close contact with universities and they maintain contacts with important public stakeholders, such as the port authorities. Together with their existing network of industry professionals, they help job seekers address complex challenges during their job search.

Nancy and Bart not only strive to connect job seekers to an organisation, but they also want to actively promote sustainable businesses. Giving both people and the planet a helping hand, that is the goal of A-Maze.

With the common eye on a better world and the concern for humanity, the cooperation between A-Maze and BlueChem is guaranteed to be a success.

More information about A-Maze Group BV can be found on their website or LinkedIn page.