May is an interesting month for BlueChem this year. Not only do we celebrate our first birthday, we can also welcome our newest tenant. Meet nano-driven biotech company PUXANO, founded in the spring of 2021 and ready to start in BlueChem.


PUXANO is an expert consultancy that aims to accelerate protein research in all fields and industries by using a combination of nano- and bio technology. The team exists of Wouter, Sam, Marie-Aline and Thomas, four young structural biologists and nano technologists. They are driven to develop sustainable solutions for customers that are active within the field of drug development, enzymatic processing and diagnostics.

In their lab in BlueChem, the start-up focuses on all chemical and biochemical steps: quality control, purification, binding analysis and structure determination. In that way, proprietary technology can accelerate the development of new drugs and make production processes more efficient and sustainable.

In addition to their lab at Bluechem, PUXANO also works within core facilities for nanotechnology and electron microscopy at Ghent University and UAntwerpen.

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