Kékulé Cycle XIX

This autumn, the University of Antwerp and the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) are organising the nineteenth edition of the Kekulé cycle, with this year’s topic being ‘Sustainable Game Changers’. During this series of lectures, a number of authorities from the government, industry and academia will present their work and visions. In addition, some companies, incubators and startups will be guests.

The programme of each lecture will be as follows:

7 pm: Reception
7.30 pm: Introduction by session chairman + Kekulé lectures
9.30 pm: Closing speech + networking reception and connection with guest companies (incubators and startups)

On 26 October, BlueChem and D-CRBN will host the lecture “The green deal: answer to the climate challenge”.

On 30 November, InOpSys will be a guest at the lecture “Water,… no longer a commodity”.

Antwerp incubators The Beacon and Darwin will also join two lectures as guest companies.

Programmes, registrations and more info on the Kekulé cycle can be found on www.uantwerpen.be/en/events/kekule/.