Source: SGS

SGS specializes in testing, inspection and certification in a wide variety of sectors: from the food industry to toys, tools, cosmetics, (petro)chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Within BlueChem, SGS helps startups and scale-ups in their ambitions for sustainable chemistry.

SGS is a worldwide benchmark for quality and integrity. Every company, in every industry, is provided a specialized service to make them faster, safer, better, more efficient and sustainable by implementing excellent tools in the areas of quality, safety, environment, health and in reducing risks. SGS employs 93,000 people worldwide, of which 3,800 in the Benelux. With their network of about 2,600 offices and laboratories, SGS is continuously working towards a better, safer, more sustainable and connected world. Three keystones are essential: testing, inspection and certification.

Sustainable transition

Within BlueChem, the focus of SGS is on testing, certification and specialized advice in the fields of sustainability, environment, safety and health. “SGS specifically offers services relating to sustainability, compliance with legislation and regulations with regards to the environment and safety on the one hand, and various services aimed at soil quality, waste and residual flows on the other. We also pilot startups and scale-ups towards a sustainable transition. By advising these companies from the start, we want to implement our vision to contribute to a sustainable world,” Kristof Van Hoecke, responsible for marketing, sales and communication at SGS, says. “We strive for a future proof and connected world. Hence, these services seamlessly match with BlueChem’s objectives, which makes this collaboration even more interesting.”

At SGS, we are convinced that sustainability is an important factor for the whole society and companies that value sustainability will perform better. After all, the sustainable transition also opens up new opportunities. “Companies that are able to make the switch to a sustainable business model and develop new products or services or set up a future-oriented business model, surely have a competitive advantage”

Chemical lab waste

SGS Emergency, Waste and Chemical Services (EWACS) has been implementing world-class hazardous waste management systems for over 30 years, and this in the most ethical and transparent way possible. “Our systems not only ensure that dangerous waste is collected, but also that it is treated according to industries best-practice and in full compliance with the ever-evolving legislations. Our company was proud to have already shared this experience with numerous BlueChem startups in the past, and will continue to do so in the future”, says Sales Executive Henri Delhaye.

Chemical lab waste usually consists of complex matrices, making it difficult to re-use these substances, especially in small volumes. “Therefore, we present labs some base rules for source sorting their chemical waste, whereafter SGS takes over and transports it to the SGS licensed environmental center in Melsele. Here it is further handled and (pre-)treated for final disposal, depending on its waste type and chemical properties. SGS makes sure that the resulting waste materials are sent to licensed treatment centers, where they can be re-used as (a) valuable resource(s) or as an energy source for various thermal processes.”

“Being a partner of BlueChem, SGS can share its vision and knowhow with starting entrepreneurs. We have a vast knowledge and expertise in advising and helping start-ups and scale-ups,” Kristof concludes.