NextGen District
Source: Port of Antwerp

Triple Helix is one of the first two companies who will officially build a pilot plant on Port of Antwerp’s NextGen District. Port of Antwerp released the news after the agreement was signed by both parties.

Startup Triple Helix, located in BlueChem, will open recycling factory SurePUre to give new life to polyurethane foam, from discarted mattresses, car seats and insulation panels, among other things. Those pure chemicals can be reused, for example in the production of new polyurethane products. SurePUre will work in a fully circular manner and will provide its own energy needs.

About NextGen District

NextGen District will be thé hotspot for circular economy in Antwerp. The 88 ha site will give a circular future to the former General Motors area. Innovative players within the circular process and manufacturing industry will make end-of-life products reusable, research circular carbon solutions and carry out test projects with renewable energy.


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