British start-up Aquature has moved into BlueChem, the incubator for sustainable chemistry in Antwerp. The company has developed an innovative water purification technology that produces hydrogen on the one hand and captures CO2 for reuse on the other. At BlueChem, Aquature will focus on further research and the development of pilot plants.

Aquature’s innovative water treatment technology uses renewable energy and a breakthrough bio-electrical process to treat industrial wastewater. This process creates green hydrogen and removes CO2 from the wastewater whilst producing a variety of green chemicals as a side product. The CO2 can be captured and reused as feedstock for synthetic fuels, among other things. This turns the whole process carbon-negative and energy positive. Afterwards, the treated water can be reused in industrial production processes.

Aquature wants to apply its technology initially in the food and drinks industry as well as the agriculture and paper industry. Key benefits for customers are reduced energy costs, a reduction in scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as well as reduced supply chain dependency due to inhouse production of chemicals.

Bjoern Pietruschka, managing director of Aquature: “If you are a foreign start-up in the circular economy looking for labs with support services in a unique ecosystem that has a direct link to industry, you will quickly find BlueChem. We are convinced that the exciting mix of start-ups and international players makes BlueChem the perfect base to launch our young company internationally.”

Liesbet Boogaerts and Barbara Veranneman, manager and president BlueChem: “BlueChem is on the map as the hotspot for innovation in sustainable chemistry and circular economy. Nationally and internationally. The fact a British start-up chooses to host its first foreign operations at our incubator is further proof of this. We will therefore continue our efforts to maximise BlueChem’s innovation potential and play it as an international trump card.”

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