Project partners

BlueChem is an example of open innovation between large companies, SMEs and promising start-ups, government organisations and knowledge partners such as universities, colleges and research centres.

BlueChem is a unique public-private partnership in which the private sector accounts for half of the investment. The private partners are Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI), DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) and essenscia. The government partners are AG Vespa, PMV, the Provincial Development Agency (POM) Antwerp, the City of Antwerp and VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research).

BlueChem nv is responsible for the operation and day-to-day functioning of the incubator. The project partners are essenscia, POM Antwerp, the City of Antwerp and VITO.

BlueChem Building nv is responsible for the construction of the incubator. The project partners are the Autonomous Municipal Company for Real Estate and City Projects in Antwerp (AG Vespa), Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI), DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) and the Participation Company Flanders (PMV).

essenscia vlaanderen is a sector federation that brings together some 450 companies active in chemistry, plastics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. With more than 60,000 direct and 100,000 indirect jobs, this is one of the country’s most important branches of industry, accounting for a third of the added value, a third of the exports and almost half of all industrial expenditure on research and development in Flanders.

The mission of the Provincial Development Agency (POM) Antwerp is to strengthen the economic fabric of the province. It does so by developing sustainable business parks and sustainable infrastructure, working in a targeted manner on incentives for spearhead sectors such as chemistry, and promoting the province as the best region to invest.

The City of Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders and the region’s economic engine, a strong pillar of which is industry, with the Antwerp chemical cluster at the forefront. Antwerp is strategically located at the intersection of major traffic and trade flows, and the Port of Antwerp is the second-largest in Europe. Antwerp is a pioneer in the New Industrial Policy for Flanders. The emphasis is on sustainable chemistry, smart logistics and the creative economy, among others.

VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is a Flemish independent research organisation in the field of cleantech and sustainable development. Its goal? Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world. VITO offers an extensive portfolio of scientific services on the basis of which industry and the government can determine their policies.

AG VESPA is the Autonomous Municipal Company for Real Estate and City Projects in Antwerp. As an expert and public entrepreneur, the organisation works on creating a liveable and attractive city through leading property development, construction and urban projects. Sustainability and strong architecture are major focal points in this regard.

Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI) is part of Bopro, an independent group that offers a total package of integrated real estate services for building complexes in urban environments. Bopro is involved at all levels of the real estate business, whether in acquisition, construction or renovation, always striving for the best possible balance between economic, social and environmental aspects.

DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) is the environmental subsidiary of DEME group. DEC is an international specialist in environmental projects that among other things deals with soil remediation and groundwater purification, recycling techniques and the redevelopment of brownfield sites such as the Blue Gate Antwerp site.

PMV is a “do and dare” business that is shaping the future of the Flemish economy. It finances promising companies from the very beginning up to and including growth and internationalisation. With and for the government and other partners, it realises projects that are important to prosperity and well-being in Flanders.