BlueChem presents: Allegro

BlueChem presents: Arthrosis is a dormant disease of the joints that affects millions of people. Because the current treatment methods are expensive, risky and highly inefficient, Allegro creates a regenerative therapy for cartilage injuries. Using a 3D printer, the start-up develops nanomaterials that cause cells to grow back at the site of the trauma and the tissue to bind back to its original state.

BlueChem presents: PUXANO

BlueChem presents: Proteins are key elements in therapeutics, diagnostics and food processing. PUXANO uses innovative nano and biotechnology to streamline the full process of structural biology. Within BlueChem, the start-up does protien purification, protein characterization and protein structure determination, with the aim to contribute to more efficient and more sustainable developments and production processes.

BlueChem presents: D-CRBN

BlueChem presents: global warming is one of the toughest environmental challenges our society has ever faced. D-CRBN, a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp, knows that there's a need for change and therefore created a plasmareactor to split CO2-molecules. With the help of plasma, D-CRBN can split the CO2 and convert it into its original building blocks. Those building blocks can later be used to create value added products, such as bio fuels, polymers and chemicals, to achieve a circular economy.


BlueChem presents: A-Maze

BlueChem presents: finding the perfect match between candidates and clients. That's what recruitment agency A-Maze is all about. Whether a company focuses on energy transition or wants to facilitate a circular economy, the start-up looks for the right talent for the right job. With its existing network, the latest HR technology and BlueChem as its base camp, A-Maze can be the ideal matchmaker.


Triple Helix

BlueChem presents: Triple Helix

BlueChem presents: bold innovations in chemistry are necessary to realize a circular economy. And Triple Helix knows that there is a need for collaboration and alternative forms of financing to make circular products and processes happen. Tri. Triple Helix unites partners in a European network to close material cycles.


Peace of Meat

BlueChem presents: Peace of Meat

New, sustainable meat production platforms to feed a growing world population. In BlueChem Peace of Meat grows meat and fat in bioreactors. They want to improve the sustainability of our food production, reduce the ecological footprint, and at the same time prevent the slaughter of animals. As a B2B supplier of cultured meat, Peace of Meat works GMO-free and without antibiotics, but with a great taste.


BlueChem presents: InOpSys

Water is the source of life. At InOpSys they know that every drop counts. That is why they are developing mobile installations to purify waste water from chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Bert Bastiaens explains how polluting components are removed. He also clarifies how valuable and rare materials such as zinc, phosphorus and palladium are recovered. With their mobile installations, they do all this on site. So there is no longer any need for transport or incineration of waste water and there are no associated CO2 emissions. In this way InOpSys works to close water cycles and prevent water scarcity. 💦


BlueChem presents: Ibeve

BlueChem presents: measuring is knowing! Ibeve, part of IDEWE, helps companies create a safe and healthy living and working environment. They are specialized in the accurate detection and evaluation of nanoparticles, asbestos fibers and other dust particles. Sofie Van den Bosch explains how Ibeve innovates by improving existing analysis techniques and developing new methods.


BlueChem presents: Creaflow

Creaflow's innovative and scalable reactors make photochemistry applicable on an industrial scale. Hannes Gemoets explains how new molecules can be produced with their reactors using less raw materials, less energy and less waste.

Calidris Bio

BlueChem presents: Calidris Bio

Making nutritious proteins with captured CO2 and renewable energy. With this innovation, Calidris Bio wants to help feed the growing world population. Lieve Hoflack from Calidris Bio explains how.