BlueChem has fifteen labs in total. Three are fully equipped laboratories: two of 25m² and a large lab of 50m². The other fifteen labs can be arranged freely according to the needs of the tenants, but they are already equipped with all the necessary utilities and connections.

The prices* of the labs vary from 1.180 euros to 3.590 euros per month. Internet connection, specialised and multifunctional storage spaces and cleaning are some of the services included in the price. Tenants who furnish their own lab, can obtain a subsidy up to 950 euros/m² for lab equipment through the BlueChem Kickstart Fund from the city of Antwerp.

The incubator relieves the tenants of all practical matters, such as the reception of visitors and packages, free use of meeting rooms, (chemical) waste disposal and maintenance. This way, the start-ups only have to focus on their research and innovation.

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*These are the rental prices as of January 2023. The prices are subject to indexation.