Kickstart Fund

Thanks to our flexible plug-and-play model with fully equipped and customisable labs, you can tailor your innovation space to meet your specific needs.

Even more, as a BlueChem resident, you enjoy exclusive access to the BlueChem Kickstart Fund. This fund was created by the City of Antwerp as part of its ambition to stimulate sustainable innovation in the chemical sector.

The Kickstart Fund will subsidise up to 1050 euro per m2 and 80% of the total cost of furnishing your laboratory. That includes the purchase of cutting edge technologies, state of the art machinery, specialist lab materials, and maybe even getting the flux capacitor you’ve always dreamed of.

Applying for this subsidy couldn’t be easier. Simply settle in BlueChem, rent a customisable laboratory and complete your grant application.

Learn more about the BlueChem Kickstart Fund